Intuitive ERP Software

          Aptean Intuitive ERP is a premier enterprise resource planning solution designed for manufacturers in repetitive, high-mix production environments and regulated industries like electronics, medical devices, and aerospace. Its user-friendly toolset provides advanced support for product configuration, quality management, engineering change management, component serial number traceability, and more.

          Intuitive ERP delivers complete quote-to-cash functionality, enabling you to integrate critical data across your enterprise and maximize the efficiency of your operations. By providing visibility into all areas of your business, it delivers the insights you need to make informed strategic and tactical decisions and achieve your business goals.

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Why Intuitive?

  • Streamline Manufacturing Operations

  • Anticipate, Address changes & Potential problems

  • Track flow of money across supply chain with precision

  • Streamline Sales Processes

  • Improve Product Engineering & Quality

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Features of Intuitive ERP

Dynamic Planning & Scheduling :

       Dynamic Planning & Scheduling With Intuitive ERP, you can check availability and commit orders confidently using dynamic CTP (capable-to-promise planning). Analyze material requirements with a graphical pegging tool and leverage dynamic MRP (material requirements planning) to plan materials instantly. Automatically search for material and capacity problems, identify scheduling issues, and enact solutions quickly to meet your delivery dates.

Engineering Management :

       Engineering Management Control production costs and manage resources more efficiently with Intuitive’s flexible engineering management tools. Create multiple visual bills of material (BOMs) for each item, maintaining complete revision and effective date control to track and control engineering changes. Leverage the Aptean CADLink module to integrate data from item masters and BOMs with popular CAD applications like SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Creo, Solid Edge, and more. Intuitive also enables you to generate and maintain flexible routings with multiple routings versions per part number.

Manufacturing Management :

       Manufacturing Management Intuitive allows you to track and monitor work orders, production status, and material and equipment capacity in real time. With the Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) tool, you can use barcode mobile scanners to efficiently track material issues, work order receipts, inventory movements, and labor transactions as they occur on the shop floor.
       The Shop Floor Manager module allows supervisors to keep tabs on production priorities, order status, work center loads and employee utilization at a glance. Operators can use touch screens to clock in and out of work orders and to report work order completion and material movements.

Inventory Management :

       Inventory Management Intuitive provides the tools you need to accurately control inventory transactions, product costs, and material usage. It gives you instant access to real-time data so you can track inventory levels by item, location, product family, and historical usage—all at the click of a button. You can also perform cycle counting, physical inventories, and costing information analysis. Complete cradle-to-grave tracking of multi-level serial numbers aids compliance with traceability regulations.

Demand Forecasting :

       Demand Forecasting Generate more accurate forecasts with the click of a mouse-no knowledge of statistics or forecasting required. Intuitive can calculate forecasts automatically by analyzing your usage data and selecting the optimal forecasting technique from a range of methods. If you’d rather dictate your own approach, Intuitive provides a full selection of forecasting models and all the diagnostic aids you need to create forecasts yourself.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) :

    Customer Relationship Management (CRM) With Intuitive’s built-in CRM, you can manage customer data, opportunities, marketing campaigns, and support incidents on a single platform, while ensuring alignment with the financial and order processing data in your ERP. Easily manage contact and account information, view current and historical status data, and link appointments, documents, emails, and activities to specific customers or opportunities. Create detailed records of every support incident, calculate the costs associated with incident resolution, track warranties, and manage service contracts.

Quoting & Order Processing :

       Quoting & Order Processing Maximize the efficiency of your salesforce with Intuitive’s user-friendly quoting and order processing features. Within the system’s quoting module, you can configure new items, BOMs, and routings on-the-fly; apply customer-specific or volume discounts; and generate vendor Requests for Quote (RFQs) for any line on a quote. Automatically convert quotes to sales orders, and easily maintain sales orders of all levels of complexity with an electronic hierarchical approval system. You can even process point-of-sale purchases and maintain price matrices from within the system.

Quality Control :

       Quality Control Intuitive supports complete inspection procedures—from raw materials to work-in-process to customer returns—and helps you maintain calibration and maintenance data on instruments used in production. Intuitive's Advanced Quality module allows users to capture and analyze non-conformances, corrective preventative actions, detailed inspection results, and other critical quality data to help you reduce scrap, material waste, and returned goods. Advanced Quality also makes it easy to generate inspection files, charts, and reports, and streamline your entire quality system. Detailed traceability, audit trails, and advanced document control help support your ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA21 CFR Part 11 and AS9100 requirements.

Power to Do More

         Intuitive delivers the tools and insights you need to make “doing more with less” an achievable goal. By improving visibility, efficiency, and data integrity across the enterprise—from sales, planning, and procurement to engineering, manufacturing, and business intelligence—Intuitive helps you identify areas for improvement and drive better performance across the board. After implementation, customers report significant improvements in on-time delivery, inventory accuracy, quality assurance, and profit margins.


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